How a Used Nexus RV Will Save You Money?

People buy used RVs to save a ton of money. However, the question in everyone’s mind is how? Apart from paying less than the cost price due to it being pre-owned, most people are confused as to how can a person save a lot of money.

All you need to go through this article to understand how people are saving a huge amount of money. Once you know about it, you will reach Des Moines used Nexus RV dealer. So, take a look at it in brief!

Used RVs cost less

A new RV will always cost more than what people will offer for a used one. The simple fact that it is an old and used motorhome will lead to its lower cost price. It means that you will save a ton of money when opting for pre-owned models.

A new RV will cost around $100k; however, the same model of previous generations will cost around $60k-$70k. However, nowadays most RVs are kept in pristine condition even if it is used most people won’t be able to tell the difference between a new one and a used one. Thus, this is a great way to save a lump sum amount.

Less depreciation

Paying less since it is used is a direct saving aspect. However, you can save a lot of money by having a less rate of depreciation. Any new vehicle will depreciate quite rapidly. It is said that by the time a new vehicle reaches home from a dealership, it depreciates by 15% to 18%.

It means if any motor home costs $100k, then by the time an individual takes it, its sale price would be $82k to $85k. However, such a high depreciation rate lasts for the first 3 to 5 years. Meaning any vehicle which is over 5 years old will have a much slower depreciation rate.

Thus, buying a used motorhome will come with a slower rate of depreciation. This, in turn, will help an individual have a great resale value of his/her recreational value when the time comes.

Less taxes

Taxes for new vehicles are always higher than pre-owned ones. The difference in the tax slab for new and old RVs is massive. Hence, this is another indirect way of saving your money. New vehicles will have massive taxes for them, while older ones come with low amounts which is almost half of what one has to pay for the new one. To know more about tax leverages, visit Des Moines Pre-Owned Nexus RV dealer.

Lesser premiums

When buying a vehicle, you will have to pay premiums; however, opting for old ones will lead to lesser insurance premiums. A new one will require a higher premium amount when compared with the pre-owned model’s premiums.

So, all you need is to simply get in touch with a dealer near you that deals with certified pre-owned vehicles. You will get to choose the ones you love and allows you to enjoy massive monetary benefits.

So, hurry and get yours before it is too late!