Most Common And Efficient armored Sedans

When we talk about armored cars, most people think they come in significant sizes, like SUVs or trucks. However, armored vehicles are highly customizable, and one of the most efficient models is atomized sedans, also known as luxury armored cars. 

If you are looking for an armored car with a classy look and high-level security, you must try Troy Armoring armored sedans. There are several armored sedans available in the market which are made with high-quality materials and have a luxurious feel to them. 

Most common and efficient armored sedans 

  • Lexus LS 460

Lexus LS 460 is one of the most famous armored cars and is preferred by most people. It offers several luxury features like other premium sedans however has exceptionally affordable pricing compared to all luxury armored cars. This versatile model comes with several customizations, like multiple add-on choices. You can even choose the hybrid version to save some money on gas. 

  • BMW 750 Li

The automobile wonder BMW is known for its excellent driving experience. These armored sedans offer high-level security with top materials, which are lightweight and provide top-notch protection. Moreover, the factory finish of this car offers the best external and internal feature that comes with high-performing technology. The vehicles have a unique finish that only an expert manufacturer can create.

  • Maybach 62

Maybach sedans belong to the elite category of cars in the automobile industry. These have incredibly high pricing, and if you convert them into armored sedans, the cost can rise to $400,000. While this car offers exceptional features, not everyone can afford such an expensive vehicle. However, people with high-profile jobs can consider buying a Maybach as it is the perfect option.

Maybach has an AMG V12 Biturbo 5890cc 620 horsepower petrol engine. The robust engine enables you to reach from zero to sundry miles per hour in only 5 seconds. Maybachcan surely turn heads wherever you take it, as it is the most efficient and expensive armored sedan. Nevertheless, it has a classy finish making it the epitome of luxury.

  • Aston Martin Rapide 

With its V12 engine and 470 horsepower, it is one of the most enjoyable rides, and most car owners prefer it for going out on long drives with friends. However, when you are a high-profile individual or diplomat, you must always be alert and keep safety your top priority. Astone Martin Rapide is the perfect choice for personal use as it will provide excellent protection even when you are on holiday or simply chilling out with friends on a long drive.