If You Have An Armored Vehicle, Don’t Miss These Servicing Rules

Armored cars have become the talk of the town. Be it veterans or civilians, no one wants to miss the comfort these cars offer. If you want to get your hands on these vehicles, a 4runner 5th gen bumper will suffice your needs. 

However, the least talked about the topic about these cars is their servicing rules. While everyone goes endlessly on how safe they are, people seldom talk about the precautions and don’t miss points about the maintenance of this vehicle. 

In this blog, you will see what you should do and not while you’re taking care of this vehicle. 

Check the tires regularly

Due to the robust buildup, armored cars are heavier than normal cars. The wheels these cars have are also sturdier than the normal car’s wheels. But you need to check the condition of the wheel once every week if you are in a need of using the car regularly. 

The whole weight of the car falls on the wheels, it is natural that the wheels might need an extra hint of maintenance. Thus, it is imperative to check the condition of the wheels and ensure that they are in good shape. 

Check the clutches and brake pads

Another important part that deserves severe attention is the brake pads and the clutches. A faulty brake or clutch might endanger the life of the driver as well as the people on the road.

If the clutches of your armored car are making squeaking noise or not working properly, get your car checked immediately. The wire might be loose or rusty, resulting in distorted driving. 

Furthermore, brake pads are an essential part of any vehicle. If it gets loose or tightens, go to a mechanic and get it checked. 

Alignment of the wheel

When you are getting the wheel pressure checked, it is imperative to get the alignment checked too. Often, you might feel the car is not going in a straight direction even if you are keeping the steering wheel of your car straight. 

It might be indicated that the wheel of the car is not aligned properly. It might lead to a cumbersome situation if the wheels are not aligned. 


Owning an armored vehicle can be cool, but to sustain the coolness, you need to follow each tip that is mentioned in this blog. Maintenance of a car is the main part of its being and it will ensure you are safe and the life of your car will also expand.