What to do in Case of a Hit-And-Run Accident? 

If you are someone who has been in a road accident, you probably know how disturbing, overwhelming, and terrifying it is. But when this same road accident is a hit-and-run case, there is another emotion attached to all of these feelings: anger or rage. You feel angry because someone chose to ignore your injuries and ran away when they should be taking care of their mistake. 

With an increase in the number of vehicle purchases, there has been a significant increase in the number of road accidents as well. Hence, it is advised to buy the best yet cheap bike insurance when you get yourself a bike. This is mainly because insurance for bikes is your safety ticket out of big repairs and expenses when it comes to vehicles. 

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Let us now understand what you should do in case of a hit-and-run accident. 

 What is a Hit-And-Run Accident? 

When there is a collision between two vehicles, the party at fault runs away instead of tending to the victim’s bike and injuries, if any. Fleeing the scene of an accident caused by you is a crime in the eyes of Indian law, and strict actions are taken against the guilty. 

While the bike hit-and-run cases are very common in India, people are still unaware of what to do after the accident.

 What to Do in Case of a Hit-and-Run Accident? 

  •  Look Out for Injuries 

First things first, you should check for any injuries you have suffered. Move your hands and legs, joints, and head, and look if you have any problem with mobility. If you observe that you have difficulties in mobility, you should make haste in calling the ambulance as soon as possible. Call 102 or the nearest hospital in your vicinity. 

  •  Witnesses and Proofs 

Search for witnesses and proofs. The shopkeeper at the roadside or the street vendor might have seen the person and will stand for you when the time comes. You should also click various pictures of the accident scene as proof. Look around and find some CCTV cameras if you can. It adds to the evidence of your innocence and the crime.

  •  Get Information on the Perpetrator 

You should search for any information you might get on the perpetrator. Search for the number plate, vehicle name, colour of the bike or car, who the driver was, if that person was in or out of the speed limit, etc. This information helps you a lot when it comes to the next step of the procedure. 

  •  Register a Complaint 

File an FIR, or register a complaint against the person. You can use all of the information you have on that person and notify the police with it. Filing a complaint is important if you want financial compensation from the guilty party or are going to contact your insurance company.

  •  Inform your Insurance Company 

A very important step here is informing your insurance company. You must contact the insurance company as soon as possible in order to erase any delay in the process of raising the claim. The fact that the guilty party fled away does not make any difference in the procedure of raising a claim. Your agent will inform you of the process; all you have to do is follow it thoroughly!

 How to Raise a Motor Insurance Claim After a Hit-And-Run Accident? 

  •  Understand the Process 

Contact your insurance company and let them know what has happened. (Like we saw in the abovementioned section of this blog.) You will have to follow all the instructions the company has given you. All the companies have a more or less similar process for this part. 

  •  Collect the Necessary Document 

Collect all the necessary documents mentioned in the company’s rules and regulations and submit those. You will require a police report, proof of accident, a witness’s statement, your insurance contract, etc. With this, you can file a damage claim for your bike. 

  •  Final Step 

Your insurance provider or the agent will review all the documents and proofs and verify the case thoroughly. If they find any blunders, they might ask you for a resubmission. But if the documents are sufficient, the insurance company will begin the process to pay your damage cover for the repairs.


There is a way of doing things when it comes to critical moments like these, especially when it concerns someone’s well-being and official matters. There are things that the guilty party must do, like call the police voluntarily and inform them of their mistake. As for the victim, make sure you do not panic and forget to do these essential things. Things usually turn out just fine!