Paint protection film

At, we work with some of the most well-known brands of Paint Protection Film that offer the best design, application, and value for money. With an experience of more than 20 years, we, at 2wrap, can make your car look brand new for years. Our high-quality Paint Protection Films Premiumshield Self healing and Xpel Ultimate will ensure that the gloss in your car always looks lustrous and beautiful. Our team of experienced and proficient paint protection film installers can work with any type of car – from Exotic convertibles to American muscles. In this video, watch how our protection film installers exhibit their superior quality of workmanship on an Aston Martin.

Our top of the line paint protection film: PremiumShield paint protection films is the most effective paint protection worldwide. Patented, innovative technologies have helped create a product that provides maximum protection for paint while maintaining optical invisibility. Your vehicle is protected against the formation of chips, sandblasting, scratches, the harmful effects of chemicals, bird droppings, and other roadway hazards.

With the addition of their Cut Studio Software we have an extensive line of pre-cut patterns available. With options of gloss, matte, headlight, and more… Premium Shield Elite SH provides the highest quality protection alongside industry leading clarity and durability. The ‘natural’ self-healing technology allows the film to maintain its already hydrophobic surface from light scratching. Without the need for additional heat.

With PremiumShield Elite SH’s superior optical clarity you don’t need to sacrifice beauty for protection. The flattest, glossiest product available on the market today.

One of the top manufacturers of luxury vehicles worldwide is Daimler Benz. And when it came to planning a fleet marketing campaign, they went with, a design firm with a focus on car wraps with headquarters in California. The outcome? The Daimler Benz brand is excellently represented by this sleek and contemporary design. Check out the end product in the pictures below!

Recently, 2Wrap enjoyed designing a fleet marketing graphic for the Daimler Benz corporate office. The company’s dedication to the ingenuity and cutting-edge technology served as inspiration for the design. The end product was a modern, slick style that perfectly represented the Daimler Benz name.

Extensive research of the company’s brand identity served as the first step in the design process. From there, we created a concept that would represent the principles and character of the organization. The design was then developed through a number of mockups, each time taking client comments into account.

Once the final product had been approved by the client, we started production at our Belgian branch. The entire procedure took a few weeks to complete, and the finished product was installed on schedule and on budget.

We are quite pleased of this project and grateful to have had the chance to collaborate with such an esteemed organization. We intend to collaborate with Daimler Benz going forward to assist them to put this gorgeous design on numerous vans all across the world.

This is a fantastic illustration of how 2Wrap can transform a client’s concept into reality. We are always up for a challenge and have a team of skilled designers who are professionals in fleet marketing design. We’d be interested in hearing from you if you have a suggestion for your fleet marketing.

Mercedes-Benz vans feature a sleek, contemporary appearance with the brand’s distinguishing star. The swirl indicates where the closest dealership is located.

Daimler Benz is a company that values design. It can assist them to win their new challenge and set themselves apart from rivals while achieving their aims and objectives. For this reason, Daimler-Benz collaborated with to create an incredible fleet marketing design for their corporate offices.

Daimler Stuttgart was quite pleased with how everything came together with this polished wrap.What will be done with the designFor Daimler Benz, the design will serve as a marketing tool for its fleet. It will be used to advertise the business’s mobile repair service to current and prospective clients. Additionally, the design will be used to foster brand loyalty and raise brand service for repairA top supplier of mobile repair services is Daimler Benz. Customers can have the convenience of having their vehicles fixed at their home or place of business thanks to the company’s mobile repair service. Select markets in Germany and Norway offer the service.