Where to Find Quality Mahindra Roxor Parts and Accessories?

When diving into the world of off-road vehicles, the Mahindra Roxor stands out for its ruggedness and customizability. Enthusiasts looking to enhance their Roxor’s functionality and durability need reliable sources for parts and accessories. In this context, On The Rox Fabrication emerges as a prominent provider. They offer a range of products designed to boost the performance and resilience of these vehicles.

Unveiling On The Rox Fabrication’s Offerings

On The Rox Fabrication, operating under Westfab Custom Fabrication, LLC, has carved a niche in the off-road vehicle market. They specialize in manufacturing Mahindra Roxor parts and accessories, ensuring each item meets high standards of quality and reliability. Their inventory includes bumpers, sliders, exterior armor, cargo carriers, doors, tops, enclosures, windshields, and more. Moreover, they provide engine and performance upgrades, gears, axles, drivetrain enhancements, grilles, interior accessories, scratch and dent items, skid plates, and component armor. This extensive range caters to various needs, from aesthetic enhancements to functional upgrades.

Emphasizing Quality and Reliability

Quality fabrication is the cornerstone of On The Rox Fabrication’s ethos. Their American-made products are synonymous with durability and reliability. They don’t just sell parts; they offer solutions that withstand the rigors of off-road driving. Each item in their catalog is a testament to their commitment to quality, crafted in the Yellowstone Valley, Montana, a place known for its rich history in custom automobile creation.

Supporting Customers with Comprehensive Guides

Understanding the nuances of installing aftermarket parts can be daunting for many. On The Rox Fabrication addresses this challenge by providing detailed installation guides. These guides are designed to ease the installation process, enabling customers to quickly transition their vehicles for road or off-road use. Their approach is customer-centric, focusing on enhancing the overall user experience.

Innovation in Off-Road Customization

On The Rox Fabrication isn’t just about selling parts; they’re about fostering innovation in off-road vehicle customization. Their association with Westfab Custom Fabrication, a company renowned for creating custom-built off-road vehicles, underscores their expertise in this domain. Whether it’s street rods, drag cars, off-road race trucks, or rock crawlers, their experience spans various aspects of vehicle customization, including resto-mod style and original restorations.

Tailored Solutions for Mahindra Roxor Enthusiasts

The Mahindra Roxor, with its unique appeal, necessitates specific enhancements to optimize its performance and appearance. On The Rox Fabrication’s tailored solutions, like signal kit conversions, glass windshields with wipers, gear and axle upgrades, oil pan skid plates, and roll cages, cater specifically to Roxor owners. These products not only improve the vehicle’s functionality but also enhance its durability.


For Mahindra Roxor enthusiasts, finding the right parts and accessories is crucial to maximizing their vehicle’s potential. On The Rox Fabrication stands out as a trusted source, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality, durable products. Their commitment to quality fabrication, combined with a wealth of experience in custom vehicle creation, makes them a preferred choice for Roxor owners seeking to elevate their off-road experience.