What makes the 2023 Ford Maverick a Fun Vehicle to Drive? 

Ford is known for its supreme pickups. The 2023 Ford Maverick is nothing short of a fun vehicle to drive. It offers everything that a truck owner seeks. Sturdy, great towing capability, spacious, etc. are some of its valuable traits. Hence, people looking to get a pickup should visit Camp Verde Ford dealer to check out this vehicle before buying it. 

Great powertrain 

One of the reasons this vehicle is such a fun one to drive is due to its powertrain. The base model of this vehicle comes with a hybrid powertrain. Each trim is equipped with a 4-cylinder 2.5L engine along with an electric motor; the combined power of these two offers 191 hp. Also, this is paired with CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission) and FWD setup. 

However, there are also non-hybrid options available for people as well. This powertrain comes with a turbocharged 2L engine that delivers 250 horses and is paired with an automatic 8-speed transmission; FWD is standard, while AWD is available as an option. It takes just 5.9 seconds for this vehicle to reach 0-60 mph while its hybrid counterpart takes 7.7 seconds to reach the same. 

The payload capacity of the base hybrid model is 1,500 lbs while its towing capacity is 2,000 lbs. The non-hybrid system can tow a maximum of 4,000 lbs, but it has to be equipped with Ford’s Towing Package. 

In addition, its hybrid version offers 42 mpg in cities and on highways 33 mpg. Its non-hybrid counterpart will offer 30 mpg on highways and 23 mpg in cities with its FWD setup; its AWD system will provide 29 mpg on highways and 22 mpg in cities. 

Both these powertrains are responsible for making Maverick a fun-to-drive vehicle. Hence, one should check it out by visiting a dealership nearby. 

Excellent cabin 

A vehicle is fun to drive when it offers ample comfort and convenience. Keeping it in mind, Ford has created a comfortable, practical, and functional cabin for Maverick. Some worth mentioning features include ample lumbar support, keyless entry, ambient lighting for the interior, automatic climate control, power-adjustable front seats, etc. 

Also, the cabin includes Wi-Fi hotspots, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, upgraded stereo equipment, wireless charging, satellite SiriusXM radio, and more. To check out all the features and cabin design visit Camp Verde Ford dealership

Variants and price tags 

% versions of Maverick are available at a dealership. These include XL, XLT, Lariat, XLT Tremor Off-Road, and Lariat Tremor Off-Road; these are approximately priced at $24,170, $26,430, $29,930, $31,810, and $35,310 respectively. 

Each trim offers something or the other that makes it a fun vehicle to drive whether on-road or off-road. Thus, the trick is to visit an authorized dealer and check which one would be ideal for you to buy. 

This is without doubt one of the best pickups you can get and thus, it is highly recommended to people to at least check it out before deciding whether to get it. Take a test drive and let the experience determine your decision.