The Most Recent In Vehicle Camera Tracking Devices – A Totally New Trend in Fleet Management

Many fleet companies used Gps navigation navigation navigation tracking devices to deal with work they’re doing pressure for quite some time with intuitive software to discover mileage, journey occasions, record location additionally to trace clocking in occasions of staff.

We’ve got we have got we’ve got the technology is becoming somewhat less pricey now market leading publication rack launching Live Video Tracking Devices.

The system offer similar features towards the classical tracking devices when they now provide result-oriented features including – live video!

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The advantage of this sort of method is that fleet managers can view the Gps navigation navigation navigation location, speed within the vehicle, mileage, and discover audio from over the vehicle additionally to look at live video meaning they might virtually exist employing their vehicles in solid-time wherever within the united states . states or world they’re positioned.

The brand-new systems referred to as Mobile Video Recorders or ‘DVR’s’ use 3G and three.5G mobile networking to supply video having a server ready for viewing instantly should there be essential. Furthermore may be the data charges may be stored low with modern systems only transmitting video ‘upon request’. If live video isn’t being monitored, the systems uses exactly the same data as being a traditional tracking device. Data packages for roughly £25 from most mobile phone number providers will most likely be sufficient to pay for the information charges for the systems making them the best fleet management tool.

The systems can record video from around 4 cameras over the vehicle meaning the important thing, rear, cabin and loading bay all might be monitored in solid-time.

One instant benefit may be the problem of thievery from company vehicles. When vehicles remain unwatched using the driver, vehicles frequently become targets to opportunistic thieves. These new systems let the fleet manager to watch the vehicles while motorists are away in a nutshell periods.

A few in the smarter systems doubles as accident logging devices along with the tracking and live monitoring elements. When partnered through getting an inertia sensor, the systems will instantly transmit live video and record it inside the server every time a vehicle exceeds its G-Pressure Limit – usually introduced on by harsh breaking or even a major accident.

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What this means is the fleet manager can view every video inside the vehicles should there be a mishap. They may remotely play-back all the occasions and collect video evidence for presentation to insurance agencies and government physiques. Many Fleet Insurance Agencies have recognized the advantages of such systems and offer over 25% discount on fleet premiums once the Mobile DVR’s be used.

The fleet manager could even open live conversation with driver using the system along with the aboard loudspeakers already within the vehicles and so if needed, instant live communication might be acquired inside the touch of the mouse button – ignore trying to find that driver’s phone number within the database somewhere to call them!