Enjoy Seamless and Carefree Experience While Relocating Your Vehicle to and from North Carolina


Transporting your vehicle is never a daunting task if the job is in safe and reliable hands. When you have to move your vehicle to or from North Carolina then go for the best auto carrier company. The state that was once considered to be rural is now home to some of the prime auto business centers. 

Therefore, there has been an increase in the relocation of vehicles to Charlotte which is the largest city, while the capital city Raleigh has many central locations in the state. Whether you want to ship a luxury or classic car or be it an antique or an exotic one, you will get the best and reliable options available for North Carolina to offer you an unparalleled risk-free quality of shipping service.

No matter how big or small your vehicle is, you can opt for rail, road, airways, and marine transport when shipping to or from North Carolina. The provision of shipping a single car or multiple cars in the same enclosed transport carrier is also available. 

Choosing an advanced certified car carrier company like Ship A Car, Inc. gives you an amazing service right from quoting the best price to delivering the vehicle at your doorstep. Ship A Car Inc. does it all for you and offers innumerable auto transportation-related services that you could think of to and from North Carolina. The entire process is carried out by well-trained and experienced professionals, who would guide you at every step and keep you updated about the move. 

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The company offers all kinds of transportation services both for individuals and businesses. 

Services for individuals are mainly:

  • Classic, Vintage, Exotic or brand-new car shipping
  • Military vehicle transport with discounts
  • Transport services for senior citizens at good discounts 
  • Student car shipping to college with student discounts
  • Golf cart shipping with dealer discounts
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Long-distance transportation to any location
  • Both open and enclosed carrier services

Business services include various corporate discounts:

  • Vehicle transportation for corporate relocation
  • Fleet relocation
  • Relocation of vehicles for auction purpose
  • Shipping of cars for dealers

Ship A Car, Inc. follows a very simple and hassle-free process for its customers. The company ensures that you remain free from all worries and get your vehicle safely on time in any part of North Carolina.

  • Get an instant quotation from their site or call them directly to speak with a shipping specialist for a better understanding
  • Inform the type of vehicle to be transported along with the pickup and delivery location in North Carolina.
  • Book your shipment and sign the transport contract to complete the shipping reservation.
  • Vehicle is assigned to a carrier that would take care of best timeframe, route, and price.
  • Once you agree, initial payments and financing can be discussed.
  • Trucker will arrive on the day of pickup and will load the vehicle after proper inspection.
  • Your vehicle will be safely unloaded at the confirmed destination where you make the final payment only after satisfactorily inspecting your vehicle.

A good transport company considers every customer as their priority. Moreover, fifty years of service has made Ship A Car, Inc. one of the most reliable and undisputed carrier leaders in North Carolina. Check their 5 star rated reviews from satisfied customers that will help you in making the right decision.